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About Green Building

Green buildings are designed, built and operated to deliver improved performance over conventional building practices by:

  • Conservation of energy and water
  • Efficient use of materials
  • Maintenance of good indoor air quality
  • Durability and ease of maintenance
  • Integration with the site and region

Source: Sonoma County Waste Management Agency

Beaman Construction is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, a coalition working to promote environmentally responsible, healthy and safe building practices.

Samples of our green work.

"Green Building", the use of construction practices and materials that protect people and the environment, is a growing trend in the construction and building industry. Beaman Construction has produced a number of green construction projects and implemented various green building techniques. Three specific examples include:

 Portfolio Images
Sonoma Earth Home

This site features multiple green building techniques. The home itself is built using a unique pneumatic technique known as PISE (Pneumatically Impacted Stabilized Earth). PISE is an earth wall construction technique where 18" thick walls are created by a high pressure air delivery method. This home also features a custom roof drainage system where a 10,000 gallon underground tank collects rainwater for storage for domestic and agricultural use. Geothermal wells built into the home provide climate control for both heating and cooling the house. Photovoltaic (solar electric) panels mounted on the garage roof provide the electric power for the house and are tied to the PG&E grid to feed power back into PG&E power lines when not being used by the residence.

Napa Hillside Earth Home
In another sustainable building project, Beaman again used a PISE building process where the walls are between 18-24 inches. The home also features energy efficient windows and lighting, processed "plyboo" bamboo flooring and other non-toxic interior materials and energy conserving technologies.

Calistoga Ridge Earth Home
Beaman Construction is currently building a home on a ridge in Calistoga utilizing both "rammed earth" and PISE construction. "Rammed earth" construction is created by compacting a soil cement mixture into a temporary forming system. Walls are typically 18" thick for a single story structure or 24" thick for a two story structure. Doors, windows, the roof system, as well as specified appliances are all designed to be as energy efficient as possible. A model of this project is currently on display in the local building department as a model project for the "viewshed ordinance" of Napa County.

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